Updated BSN Forecasting Tool and article in Nursing Outlook

Joanne Spetz authored a new paper published in Nursing Outlook that forecasts when the US will attain the National Academy of Medicine’s recommendation that 80% of nurses have a BSN or higher degree. She finds that, based on current patterns of entry-level and RN-to-BSN education, approximately 66% of RNs are projected to have BSN+ education by 2025. In order to attain the 80% goal, increases in the share of new RNs with a BSN and the number of graduates from RN-to-BSN programs will be needed.

New forecasting tools are available as well, to identify strategies at both the national and state levels to accelerate progress. You can download the new tools here: https://rnworkforce.ucsf.edu/BSNforecast

The BSN Forecasting Tool was created for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Organization of Nurse Executives.