California Board of Registered Nursing 2016-2017 Annual School Report: Data Summary and Historical Trend Analysis - A Presentation of Post-Licensure Nursing Education Programs in California

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Board of Registered Nursing, Sacramento, CA (2018)


school survey


<p>The 2016 -2017 Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) School Survey was designed to provide comparable data to prior surveys and was updated based on recommendations from the Board's Nursing Education and Workforce Advisory Committee . The School Survey is primarily intended to collect data on pre-licensure registered nursing ( RN) education programs in California. Since 2004 - 2005, pre-licensure nursing education programs that also offer post-licensure programs have been asked to provide data on their post-licensure programs. Note that the data presented in this report are only f or post-licensure programs that also have an approved pre-licensure program in California. Programs that are located outside California and offer post-licensure education online are not included.</p>