Webinar: Economic Recovery and the Nursing Labor Market in California

TitleWebinar: Economic Recovery and the Nursing Labor Market in California
Publication TypeWebinar
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSpetz, J, Berg, J, Hollingsworth, T

WEBINAR: Since 2008, there have been reports that newly-graduated California RNs cannot find work, and thus many are leaving the state for greener pastures. But, in more recent years, some hospitals have reported challenges in recruiting nurses in some specialty fields, and many leaders and analysts are concerned a nursing shortage might emerge. What is happening now? Will health care providers be able to hire all the RNs needed now and in the long term?

The webinar discusses these questions and their answers. The webinar discusses the latest findings from the Survey of Employers supported by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, the Hospital Association of Southern California’s Nurse Vacancy and Turnover Survey, and the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care’s Survey of New Graduate RNs. The webinar also reviews trends in nursing program enrollment and the overall nursing workforce in the state.


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